Classroom Happenings
We were supposed to do ALEKS in class today and instead e had a fire drill. Therefor I reserved the iPad cart to get our ALEKS done tomorrow. This means your child does NOT need to do ALEKS at home this week. If they already have.......good for you! I will give them extra credit in math or some other fantastic prize! 
Also, we now have blogs.....kind of! They are set up and somewhat usable but have a few weird quirks that still need to be resolved If you want to check it out, here is the link.   I have some pictures of our Hurricane Harvey fund raiser, and a calendar posted. That's about it. I will work on emailing AND posting to the blog over the coming months. I will make sure to post any upcoming project details there as well for easy access! 
On that note.......there will be NO November project! You thank me by sending Dt. Coke. Just kidding......enjoy the month with no parent homework ;) The December project is AWESOME and details will be given out the week after Thanksgiving! 
Thanks again for being AWESOME! 
Also.......WOOT WOOT for Luke on Fox13 News this morning with Big Buddha! He was eloquent, charming, and all around fabulous! I totally taught him that! Again.....just kidding! But he was amazing! 

~Becky Chidester 
Fifth Grade 
SAA North Campus 
Syracuse, Utah 
(801) 774-9270