Principal's Message

Dear Parents:

The end-of-year testing is fast approaching. We always see this time as a joint effort
between the parents and the school because it IS a joint effort between the parents and the school. We want our students to do their best.
SAGE testing will begin April 23rd. Please make sure your student(s):

 - Eats a great breakfast
 - Has at least 8 hours of sleep
 - Dresses appropriately in comfortable clothing
 - Reads the test questions and follows directions carefully.

The following are some ways to help your student(s) with text anxiety:
Please make sure that your student attends school on a regular basis so that they are exposed to the schoolwork that is covered in the exam. In addition, students will do better on the assignment if they complete their assignment.

Share with your children that it is normal to be nervous, but to just do their best. It is helpful if yourchildren develop a positive attitude towards test taking, help them develop a “can do” attitude. Teachthem to take their time on the tests, rushing through the test could create an increase in anxiety! Taking deep breaths calms students down. Encourage them to do their best work.

Thank you for your support,
Judy Nixon
Syracuse Arts Academy North

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