Principal's Message

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to teach your students and want to wish you a merry Christmas season. 

Over the past month students at Syracuse Arts Academy North have shown an effort to help those in our community.  The 6th grade staff and students organized and ran a food drive at the school and invited all grades to participate.  Over the course of a few weeks, students at SAA were able to collect over 1500 individual food items to donate to the Lantern House, a local area homeless shelter.  This effort was managed by our very own Dragon Leaders, a group of 6th grade students who have shown leadership skills in previous years and want to help our school be a better place.  As part of their management process, they collected food items from classrooms twice weekly and counted the entire collection once the food drive had completed.  In addition, our 6th grade took the time to write inspirational quotes to attach to the food as it was passed out at the Lantern House.  Our students are top notch and deserve to be recognized for their effort and willingness to reach out and help those in need.  Thank you 6th grade for all your hard work and way to go!

image of 6th grade students in front of the 1500 food items collected for the 2017 food drive
Pictured above are some of the Dragon Leaders for 2017-2018
Front Row: Sadie Johnson, Ayla Olsen, Jackson Neering
Back Row: Mallory Brionez, Lily Christiansen, Logan Goddard, Kyle Howard, Carson Hall, MaKennah Chidester, Mrs. Mayer, Jaxston Avery
(Not Pictured:Sierra Bott & Kelton McNabb)